Consulta della Didattica 15-10-2013

Consulta della Didattica 15-10-2013


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On October 15th the Didactic Council was held in which the main discussions were on new technologies for teaching, evaluation of teaching, INVALSI theses, guidelines for the management of international mobility, Diploma Supplement. As for the innovative teaching methods, Prof. Sciuto reported on the current situation and future developments: an ITunesU channel was opened where uploads of multimedia content (lessons, conferences, etc.) are being uploaded; the BEEP platform has totally absorbed Online Courses by registering about 50,000 Users; the optimized Mobile version of BEEP is being released (in December); you will have the possibility to link Facebook pages with BEEP; moreover, a first experimentation of a MOOC course (Massive Online Open Course), type Coursera to be clear, is underway, which sees the creation of a course on soft skills.

As a student and representative, it seems appropriate to continue towards the integration of teaching with the most innovative forms from a technological point of view.

With regard to the point relating to the evaluation of teaching, Prof. Santomauro reports to the assembly the current situation: the next evaluation, as previously established and by Ministerial indications, will be submitted electronically to the first registration of the student for the exam. The data collected at the first session will be sent to the Ministry, while the complete data collected during the year will be evaluated by the Polytechnic. For now, there will be no questions related to internationalization in the tests. Prof. Santomauro also illustrates the data relating to the enrolments of Engineering and Design, pointing out that there are random renunciations during the 4 phases of enrolment. In addition, the assembly has decided that, in order to give more opportunities to students who in the phases following the test do not receive OFA compared to the others, the latter will be able to enroll in the last phase.

From a meritocratic point of view, the most prepared students are rewarded, in this perspective it is strongly recommended for imatricolandi, to try the early test.

The Politecnico di Milano has been chosen, together with the University of Venice, for an experimentation of the INVALSI test for freshmen. An INVALSI test will then be held on October 26, in the Trifoglio building, in which all the freshmen have been invited to participate. The response was wide, and the Polytechnic, at the CPS, decided to allocate € 500 (in the form of a discount on fees) to the first 200 students of the ranking that will be drawn up by February. This is a good initiative that will highlight correlations with the result of the INVALSI test and the results of the enrolment tests.

For the future, the idea that INVALSI can be the selective tool for students who want to en enroll…

The text on the Guidelines for international student mobility is in the final phase. After the passage in the Senate, the text has undergone some changes that will be completed before the issuance of the call.

Updates to the next Consulta.

Finally, a ministerial directive was transposed that redefined the Diploma Supplement model.

Each graduate can download their own through online services, in the Italian and English versions.


Vincenzo Giannico

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Consulta della Didattica 15-10-2013

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