150 HOURS POSITIONS: It’s time to change!

For months, as representatives, we have been working on changing the selection criteria of the call 150h and today we briefly explain the current situation and our proposal for change!

What is the call 150 hours?
It is a call for applications to which all Bachelor students can apply, it has a selection criterion and students who win a place in the ranking will have the opportunity to work for the Politecnico, performing various tasks paid at 10€/h (for a maximum of 150 hours).

What is the current selection criterion?
Currently the formula for obtaining assignments is as follows

Average X CFU purchases
“in case of equal score, the student with the lowest ISEE income will be considered”.

However, we have noticed that there are several inconsistencies in this formula

  • The CFU factor is not well calibrated, since it prefers 3rd year students even if they have lower average, making the idea of average as a factor useless

-Most of the tasks that are assigned with this announcement are not related to teaching, so it is not necessary to have a high average to carry them out, but rather to be up to date with exams in order to have the material time necessary to take on working hours, which in any case take time away from studying.

-On the Poli website it is indicated that the call for applications is within the area of Right to Study, however the income criterion is not currently a relevant factor in the ranking, since it is used only “for equal scores”.

What does the national legislation say?
The legislation that regulates activities of this type (Part-time activities – Law 02/12/1991, art. 13) provides that it is up to the individual universities to decide on the criteria for assigning the 150 hours and mentions criteria of merit but also of income.

The assignment of the aforementioned collaborations takes place within the limits of the resources available in the university budget, with the exclusion of any additional charge to the state budget, and on the basis of annual rankings formulated according to the criteria of merit and income […].

What is our proposal?
We propose to improve the merit criteria and integrate income into the selection formula.

How is the proposal being implemented?
The proposal was brought to Student Council* on March 8, 2022, where a majority of the council voted in favor. Because of this favorable vote, the proposal has a better chance of being implemented in the future since it has the support of the students.
The next step is to talk with the offices and understand any limits of feasibility and the willingness of the University towards the proposal.

*Student Council: More info

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